Conergy launches modules on Canadian market


Conergy Canada says that increased demand for locally produced solar components last year, due to the country’s domestic content requirements, meant there were frequent module shortages. Recognizing this market gap, it has entered into a two-year framework agreement with an unnamed Ontario-based manufacturing partner.

The company expects to experience high demand for its solar modules this year.

It added that its Conergy ON modules achieve 15 percent domestic content for MicroFIT projects and 13 percent domestic content for FIT projects under the Ontario Green Energy Act program.

"It is crucial to Conergy, that we can guarantee our customers a dependable volume of Conergy ON modules," stated Jared Donald, Head of Conergy Canada.

Tim Wohlgemut of ClearSky Advisors added: "The Conergy manufacturing deal is further evidence of the significant investments being made in Ontario due to the FIT program. Ontario has quickly grown to become the second largest North American market for photovoltaics and this growth is expected to continue through 2011."

Furthermore, Conergy Canada has called on its customers to enter into frame agreements "in order to guarantee supply and to keep projects on target".