4 MW PV system part of US’s biggest Zero Net Energy development


Currently under construction, the UC Davis West Village is located at the University of California’s Davis campus.

According to SunPower, the first phase of the 130-acre project is expected to be completed this year. It will reportedly include apartment housing for 2,000 students, an education center for Los Rios Community College, recreation and study facilities, a village square surrounded by retail outlets, and 343 single family homes for sale to faculty and staff.

Specifically, the photovoltaics system is expected to generate the equivalent of 100 percent of the community’s electricity demand.

In addition to photovoltaics, the project will integrate energy conservation elements to reduce energy use. For example, it has been said that every apartment building will include solar reflective roof materials, radiant barrier roof sheathing, high efficiency light fixtures, exterior walls with added insulation, and high efficiency air conditioning systems and appliances.

Furthermore, architectural elements such as roof overhangs and extensive use of sunshades over windows have reportedly been designed to respond to the specific solar exposure of each building.

"West Village is a paradigm shift in creating both a great place to live and a model Zero Net Energy community," commented Nolan Zail, senior vice president for Carmel Partners.

"Our guiding principles include environmental sustainability and quality of place. West Village will include housing, recreation and retail options, providing a convenient and eco-friendly lifestyle for students, faculty and staff."

UC Davis West Village is the product of a public-private partnership between UC Davis and West Village Community Partnership, LLC, a joint venture led by San Francisco-based Carmel Partners with their partner Urban Villages of Denver.