Germany: 8.3 MW PV power plant opens


Located in the village of Achtrup in the Germany’s northern most state of Schleswig Holstein, the plant covers 19.3 hectares of former farmland. It was built in partnership by SunEnergy Europe GmbH and Solar-Energie Andresen GmbH.

The photovoltaic plant, will reportedly generate four times the annual demand of the Achtrup population. At the ceremony, state parliamentary representative Detlef Metthiessen was reported as speaking of the installation’s size. "PV power plants of this size contribute to a high degree to our future electrical power supply. This means not only can nuclear power plants go offline but plans for new coal fired power stations will be rendered obsolete."

The Achtrup photovoltaic power plant comprises 40,000 Hyundai solar modules and FeCon inverters are used to transform the power from DC to AC. As opposed to fossil fuel power production, the plant leads to annual carbon dioxide emission reduction of 4,600 tons.

SunEnergy’s Hartwig Westphalen said the location has proven to be a good one. "The PV power plant has been running for seven months now and features outstanding results far above the estimated energy production figures. This shows once again that Northern Germany’s coastal region is by any means competitive to solar energy produced in the South."

Solar-Energie Andresen worked with SunEnergy on the planning and construction and developed a special kind of sub-structure designed to withstand the extreme Northern German windloads.