Kaco opens 2GW inverter plant in Ontario


The company says it is planning to produce a total of 700 megawatts of inverters by the end of this year. A spokesperson told pv magazine that if all goes well, the full two GW capacity will be reached in 2012. Overall, they added, Kaco has invested USD$3.5 million in London, Ontario.

Currently, there are 20 employees working in the 2,700 square meter production area. This figure is set to expand to over 100 in the future.

Kaco says that the inverters will be produced climate neutrally, as at all of its manufacturing plants. It adds that a 100 kilowatt photovoltaic system has been installed at the site.

Company president Ralf Hofmann cited the province’s the "strong" photovoltaic growth as the deciding factor for locating the manufacturing in Ontario.

London’s Mayor Joe Fontana reportedly welcomed the arrival of the company as "one of the most valuable contributions to the province’s development in solar and economic terms since the introduction of feed-in tariffs in Ontario".