GSE publishes register of Italian FIT installations


In recent months solar subsidies – feed-in tariff (FIT) schemes – in Italy have undergone restructuring. As such, the government in Rome decided to introduce a register for large photovoltaic installations as of August 1.

In June investors for such projects had to register with the network agency GSE in order to receive approval for their photovoltaic systems. Special criteria then apply. All photovoltaic installations that are connected to the grid by August 1 will continue to receive the corresponding FIT rate.

The project planning firm New Energy Projects reports that a total of 947 photovoltaic installations are included on the list. All of these projects are entitled to receive solar subsidies if they are connected to the grid by the end of the year. According to information provided by the company, this involves 252 photovoltaic installations that were already completed at the end of June, but have not yet been connected to the grid.

A further 695 projects are still under construction or at least have the required permits. The last two photovoltaic installations on the list were approved on February 3, 2010. Any plant that is granted a permit after that will purportedly not be entitled to claim support, according to New Energy Projects. However, they may be able to get onto the list as an alternative to one of the listed projects or apply for the new round that begins in November for the first half of the year 2012.

New Energy Projects also goes on to report that 172 photovoltaic installations are no longer on the list, since they were already connected to the grid in the middle of July. These installations will receive the FIT rate that applies. The monthly cuts in the remuneration fees for this year are specified in Conto Energia IV.

In the weeks to come GSE will publish another two lists. The first one will contain the possible alternative candidates for the solar subsidy this year. The second list specifies the photovoltaic projects that have not submitted all of the required documents and therefore will not be able to benefit from the subsidy.