Q-Cells starts independant module production


The company takes a decisive step forward adding local expertise on site by starting its own module production. According to CEO Nedim Cen, 17 million euros has been invested in expanding the production expertise. It started in February this year, and within a month, Q-Cells had laid the foundation for a module line in an already existing production plant. Machines were installed and configurations started middle March. The finished line will produce 1,400 solar modules per day at full capacity.

Up to now, Q-Cells has been producing mono and poly crystalline solar cells in Malaysia and Germany and external companies were commissioned to produce the crystalline solar modules. Q-Cells’ subsidiary Solibro has been manufacturing its Q.SMART thin-film modules.

Exactly ten years ago on the 25 July 2001, Q-Cells churned out its first crystalline solar cell in Thalheim.