California leading US solar industry


If the forecasts are correct, this will take overall installed capacity to 8.4 GW by 2015. The research company’s Michael Sheppard attributes the state’s solar strength to its plentiful sunshine and positive political support.

This year, installed photovoltaic capacity in California is set to reach 967 megawatts (MW) – said to be the highest in the country – while it is believed that next year, 1.2 GW worth of power will be generated from the renewable energy source.

Shepard says that, in comparison, states of a similar size, like New Mexico and Arizona, are expected to install around just 300 MW in the same time period.

He adds, " … outside of the top 10 states where solar generation will be highest, combined PV capacity from the lowest 40 states will add up to just 395 MW, also merely one-third of California capacity, IHS data shows."