Germany: Work on 84.5 MW PV plant underway


Solarhybrid AG is acting as general contractor for the project, which is located at the former Eberswalde/Finowfurt military airport. Under the second phase, an extra 60.2 MW will be added.

If all goes to plan, the FinnowTower II plant will be grid connected in late December. It will comprise 317,214 photovoltaic modules from Suntech, 73 SMA inverters and mounting technology from Mounting Systems.

Enerparc, meanwhile, has undertaken project planning, and Conecon will carry out installation. Solarhybrid has been involved since the beginning, having developed the project from initial concept to construction.

Overall, the project is expected to generate 82 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, which should meet the needs of around 23,500 households.

The cost of expansion is said to be worth around €111.5 million. While Commerzbank AG provided the outside financing, Altira Renewables Management GmbH – both the client and operator – acted as investor.