Schmid Group and Maschinenfabrik Lauffer's new two-level stacking laminator


The multilevel design of these new laminators allows temperature to be steadily introduced to glass-glass and glass-film solar modules from both sides with a plus-minus one degree Celsius temperature homogeneity.

The new module laminator employs a membrane-free technology that has been patented by Schmid, while drawing on the knowledge and experience in press and lamination technology by Lauffer.

With the new laminator, the problem of lengthy process cycle-times can be avoided. Process times of less than seven and a half minutes can now be achieved.

The new lamination process also gives room for further significant reduction of process times with innovative film types as the manufacturers say. The latest laminator, designed for a 60-megawatt (MW) system, has already been delivered to an Italian client.

The next large-scale project is a four-level laminator designed for a 120 MW module line, which will be installed next fall at another customers’ manufacturing facility in Canada.