Gehrlicher sells off 5 Italian PV parks


Three of the parks – the 2.6 MWp Cremosano park, the 1.3 MWp Dovera park and the 3.6 MWp Palazzo Pignano park – are located in Italy’s Lombardo region, while the final two – the 1.6 MWp Polesine 2 park and the 1.3 MWp Polesine 3 park – are situated in the Emilia-Romagna region.

According to a statement released, all of the solar systems were grid connected before September 1. Gehrlicher Solar was responsible for developing, financing and constructing the projects.

A total of 133,680 First Solar thin film photovoltaic modules were used, along with 15 SMA inverters. Overall, the parks are said to generate 12.2 million kilowatt hours of energy annually.

Tim P. Jungblut, VP of ground mounted systems at Gehrlicher Solar, and member of the executive board at Gehrlicher Solar Italia commented, "We continue to see great sales potential in Italy beyond 1 September – for both ground-mounted and roof-mounted systems as well as for our wholesale business."

Tobias Pehle, CEO of White Owl Capital AG added, "Investors looking for security in the light of volatile financial markets are best advised to invest in existing power plants. This is precisely the strategy that we have pursued with the acquisition of the Gehrlicher Solar systems."