T-Solar announces 61 MW PV pipeline


The Spanish company has just connected its first Indian solar project to the grid. Located near Jodhpur, the five MW project is kitted out with the company’s thin film amorphous silicon photovoltaic panels.

It was developed in cooperation with Astonfield Renewable Resources, under a joint agreement, which was signed last June.

Before the end of 2011, the two parties intend to roll out another project, this time in the Patan district of Gujarat. It will be worth 12.3 MW.

A total of €38 million has been invested into both projects.

T-Solar is also developing projects in Peru, having been awarded a contract last year to supply the country’s government with 44 MW worth of photovoltaics.

The power will be shared over two plants, the sizes of which were not disclosed. The company did say, however, that they are scheduled to be online by June 2012.

These projects are expected to comprise the T-Solar’s thin film amorphous hydrogenated silicon modules. €118 million will be invested in them, part of which will reportedly come from the American agency, Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

To date, T-Solar says that it has over 230 MW of photovoltaics either under operation or construction in Spain, Italy, India and Peru.