AU Optronics begins trial process


The DOJ seeks to bring huge fines against the company. AU Optronics (AUO) has stated that it will fight the case because "it is the right thing to do" and it wishes for the real facts to be highlighted during the trial. The DOJ alleges that AUO fixed prices with its competitors to get to where it is now.

The company believes that the allegations made by the DOJ and the large fines the DOJ seeks to obtain are not warranted by the law and facts, and believes the executives who have been charged are innocent of the charges.

AUO has made a statement that it has competed fairly in the industry, with "innovation, hard work and efficiency". The easy route would have been to plead, as the company states, but pleading would have meant "sacrificing core values and admitting to something that was not true". During trial, AUO is confident that the facts will come out related to how competitive the TFT-LCD business has been; how competition in the industry has been fierce, driving many companies to abandon the business and leaving only those who are the most efficient and with the lowest cost; and most importantly, how the fierce competition drove the price for panels down lower and lower.