Solon receives 2 concrete takeover bids


Citing company sources, tomorrow’s issue of Germany’s Tagesspiegel is expected to report that two concrete bids have been submitted from interested investors, says provisional liquidator of Solon, Rüdiger Wienberg.

As has already been reported, one of the offers has come from Indian-Arabic company, Microsol, which has said that it wants to take over the majority of the photovoltaic company. The second offer, says Tagesspiegel, has come from the U.S. While no names have been given, the investor is said to be interested in certain, individual parts of Solon’s business.

Negotiations are predicted to begin next week.

Overall, Solon, which is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, has around 500 employees and two manufacturing plants. It filed for insolvency in December.

Text translated by Becky Stuart.