Increased wattage


Both the mono- and polycrystalline modules with 60 cells and the monocrystalline module with 72 cells are now available with the higher wattage. Luxor Solar says all Luxor modules furthermore are delivered exclusively with positive tolerances of 1.5 to 6.5Wp. The Eco Line 60, 245 – 260 W (mono) and the multicrystalline Eco Line 60, 230 – 240 W are the large-size-all-rounder among the Luxor modules. The high wattage makes the modules the ideal solutions for industrial scale installations.

The company says more modules can be installed in series so that the inverter design can be done more economically. The 245-260 Watts have efficiencies up to 18.7 percent and the best possible low light behavior. The monocrystalline Eco Line 72, 185 – 200 W is frequently used for smaller systems because a single person can handle it quite well. With its dimension in a 1:2 ratio, it can always be optimally arranged in every roof covering and open-field installation as the company claims.