Sharp confirms relocation from Germany to UK


During this year’s Intersolar Europe tradeshow, held in June in Munich, speculation was rife that the company was looking to relocate its European headquarters. In confirmation, Peter Thiele, vice president of Sharp Solar Europe has told pv magazine that the company will indeed make the move to Wrexham in North Wales. The decision was attributed to the fact that the company’s center of excellence is also located there.

Furthermore, Sharp’s photovoltaic business will be divided into two sections: one for European-wide sales of modules; and one concentrating on the sale of module kits and solar solutions for residential buildings. The latter section will consider including the construction of a new IPP/EPC business model with a focus on project development, added Thiele.

Already last November, Sharp announced the centralization of its business model and the vertical integration of its activities. "We are now entering the next phase of restructuring and expect to realize [our aims] by the end of the current fiscal year," Thiele continued.

Given the current pricing pressure and overcapacity in the global photovoltaics market, Sharp is also looking to develop new business areas. "Pure distribution is no longer sufficient," stated Thiele. "Therefore, Sharp is looking to move into the area of services and complete solutions. In the future, we want to focus more on the downstream sector and distribute solar units for residential buildings. A milestone will be the launch of our PV kits for the U.K."

Similar photovoltaic kits should then be available for the solar markets in Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Translated and edited by Becky Beetz.