Work underway on 50 MW German PV plant


Despite the new EEG (renewable energy law) in Germany choosing not to favor large-scale photovoltaic parks, Parabel is pushing on with its project plans. Having just put its 40.5 MW photovoltaic park in Jännersdorf in operation on June 30, the company is now planning to complete a 50 MW project, also in Jännersdorf, by this September 30.

In a statement released, Parabel said that the plant is currently being constructed on an area covering 70 hectares on a former military training area. A total of four project companies have been established, it added, each of which is expected to install between eight and 20 MW. All of the necessary grid connection permits are said to have been secured.

"We know how demanding it will be to get this plant into operation by 30 September. However, with the implementation of Jännersdorf we have impressively demonstrated that we can construct large-scale parks in a very short space of time," stated CEO, Jürgen Will. "For two of the project companies with a total of 32 MW we’re still looking for an investor, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to find one at short notice."

Over the next two years, Parabel has said it plans to install a further projects in Germany’s Prignitz region, worth around 80 MW in total. The company added, "Despite the difficult first half of the year for the solar power industry, Parabel is now confident that the Marienfliess Solar Cluster – which consists of Jännersdorf and Krempendorf solar parks – can soon be completed with its originally planned 90 MW."