Inventux saved by South American investors


Some good news for the currently beleaguered photovoltaics industry: an unnamed South American investor group has taken over Inventux Technologies AG, which filed for insolvency on May 22.

Liquidator, Ralf Rattunde from law firm Leonhardt said around 100 of the 170 jobs will be retained. The affected employees, meanwhile, will be taken on by a transfer company by the end of the year. For the next five months, they will receive 80 percent of their net wage.

According to a statement released, under the new investors, Inventux will be reorganized. It added that they want to continue to focus on the company’s silicon-based thin film photovoltaic modules, which are well suited to the sunny and high altitude regions of South America.

"The South American investors are betting on ‘Made in Germany’ and want to permanently continue with production in Berlin," stated Rattunde. Overall, 85 employees and 12 trainees will stay on. Furthermore, the current board members will change to managers in the new GmbH.

"The way to the insolvency court was very hard, but it has proved to be a chance," concluded the future CEO of Inventux Solar Technologies GmbH, Christian Plesser.

Translated by Becky Beetz.