Greece sets new monthly PV record in June


Up from the 53 MW of newly installed photovoltaics in Greece in May – then a record for the country in 2012 – June has seen activity levels increase, with 97 MW added, according to the Hellenic Electricity Market Operator’s latest monthly renewable energy sources bulletin. Of this, rooftop systems 10 kW or under in size accounted for 20 MW.

As such, photovoltaics generated 161.5 GWh of energy in June and, to date this year, 454.4 GWh. Overall, the Peloponnese region accounts for the highest number of photovoltaic systems in Greece, with a share of 126.3 kW in operation, followed by Central Greece with 123.5 kW and Western Greece with 103.7 kW.

As previously mentioned in July, Alexander Zachariou, president of the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies (Helapco) believes between 600 and 700 MW worth of projects will be completed this year.