UK: Lark Energy plans 30 MW PV park


The U.K.-based company has said it intends to build the project at Ellough airfield across 150 acres of land. It added that it will submit a planning application for the park after holding a public consultation. It is hoped work can begin later this year.

"The solar farm will provide local jobs during the construction phase and once operational the maintenance of the site will need to be serviced by local companies," stated Jo Wall, development director at Lark Energy, adding, "We’re also aware of how close our proposed site is to the UK’s largest solar roof installation at the Promens plant and the overall strategic aim for the Ellough Industrial Estate to provide local jobs in renewable energy. We hope that our plans marry with this and underline the local and Suffolk-wide commitment to renewable energy."

According to a spokesperson for the company, Lark Energy currently has 3 photovoltaic parks in operation in the U.K. worth around 15 MW and another 2 are under construction. "There are several more sites being brought forward over the next few months; including two sites very similar in size and scale to Ellough … that have already been submitted for planning permission," they added.