Centrosolar: Rumors of an Asian investor intensify


Germany’s Der Aktionär has reported that an Asian investor could shortly join Centrosolar. It said indications came when two of the company’s board of directors sold their share packages.

A Centrosolar spokesperson confirmed that early this month, Guido Krass, chairman of the board sold his complete share package over the counter. According to published data, Krass received €967,824 for his 880,000 shares.

Meanwhile, it was made public on Centrosolar’s website a week ago that board member Bernhard Heiss sold his shares, and the securities held by his wife and daughter, over the counter. In total, he sold 455,000 shares at a price of €1.10.

Der Aktionär believes there is a connection between the sales of the shares and ongoing discussions with an unidentified Asian investor. It reports that the investor is interested in a 26.1% equity stake, which is currently said to still be in possession of Centrotec.

Furthermore, the sales of the shares indicate that the strategic investor should be represented on the Centrosolar board, after its entry into the company. Der Aktionär added that both Krass and Heiss could withdraw from the board.

It could also be a term in the negotiations between the two parties that before the new investor joins, the shareholder structure is "cleaned up", since the two board members are significantly involved in Centrotec.

Translated by Becky Beetz.