Malaysia: Applications for 8 MW of rooftop PV open


In an announcement yesterday, September 24, the authority said applications may now be submitted for the country’s 2,000 Solar Home Rooftop Programme through its e-FIT online system.

To obtain a tariff, applications for projects must not exceed 12 kW and applicants, both foreign and Malaysian, must be over the age of 21.

PV landscape

Malaysia instituted a FIT, based on Germany’s model, in its Renewable Energy Act 2011. According to EPIA, the program is targeting 1.25 GW of PV installations by 2020. "But," it says, "targets are defined on a yearly basis, with only 46 MW for PV projects foreseen in 2012 (149 MW in 2016)."

Tariffs differ for the various segments and a bonus is available for building integrated photovoltaics, and domestic production of modules and inverters. Meanwhile, one third of the target – 11 MW in 2012; 19 MW in 2016 – is expected to be allocated to systems smaller than one MW.

Overall, Frost & Sullivan believes Malaysia offers a lot as both a photovoltaic market and location. Analyst Suchitra Sriram has conducted an analysis on the region and says that PV investment will grow by 194% in 2012, to US$72 million.

The company further expects 12 MW to be added in 2012, representing annual growth of 242.9%. Sriram believes Malaysia will become the second largest photovoltaics producer by 2020.