Portugal: Martifer Solar completes 2 PV parks worth 22.4 MWp


Said to be one of the largest projects of its kind in Portugal at 15.6 MWp, the first plant is located in Avalades, Silves over an area of 41 hectares. Comprised of 66,080 photovoltaic modules, it is expected to generate enough energy for around 12,200 people.

The second plant, worth 6.8 MWp, has been built in Ferreiras, Albufeira. A total of 28,320 modules have been built across 16 hectares. They are expected to produce energy for approximately 5,300 people.

In a statement released, Martifer said that 200 people were employed during the construction of the two plants. "These two projects are of utmost importance for Martifer Solar and Portugal and therefore reinforce our commitment to the country, contributing to the creation of jobs and allowing a more sustainable national energy balance. It also confirms the potential of our country in the field of photovoltaic solar energy," added CEO, Henrique Rodrigues.