Renault inaugurates 59 MW of PV installations


The panels have been installed at six Renault sites – Douai, Maubeuge, Flins, Batilly, Sandouville and Cléon – on both delivery and shipping centers, and employee parking areas.

Overall, 52.600 MWh of energy will be produced annually –enough to meet the needs of 15,000 people. Gestamp Solar acted as operational project manager for all the sites, and Coruscant worked on the Cléon site.

Renault is hoping to roll out more photovoltaic systems at its international sites. In a statement released, the manufacturer said it is already working on the installation of panels at its Valladolid and Palencia plants in Spain through an agreement with Cenit Solar.

"Feasibility studies are underway in Slovenia, Morocco, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Romania. Further projects are being introduced at the Busan site in South Korea, with 300,000 square meters scheduled for finalization in December 2012," it added.