US: LADWP receives influx of solar FIT applications


Overall, LADWP aims to install 100 MW of solar and other renewable energy projects in the department’s service territory by 2016. However, already in the opening week of its new FIT program, the first 20 MW allocation has been oversubscribed to.

Both customers and developers have submitted applications totaling 107 MW of solar projects to be installed across the city and in the Owens Valley service area, including 2 MWs worth of projects 30 to 150 kW in size, and 76 MW worth of projects 151 kW to 3 MW in size.

The applications, which have been placed in a "FiT Review Priority List", will be reviewed over the next five months. Successful applicants will be offered a 20 year PPA with LADWP. Tariffs range from US$0.17/kWh to $0.14/kWh, depending on project location.

A further 20 MW project allocation will be made available every six months, until 2016. "The set price will decline after each 20 MW is reserved," said LADWP in a statement released. Each allocation is expected to see 4 MW of projects between 30 and 50 kW, and 16 MW between 151 kW and 3 MW, installed. Just 4 MW has been allocated to the Owens Valley service area.

Commenting Ronald O. Nichols, LADWP general manager said, "We are very pleased by the enthusiastic response we’ve seen so far to the FiT Program, which paves the way for a robust local market and jobs for solar energy."