New Jersey hits 1 GW installed PV capacity


New Jersey has confirmed its status as a major photovoltaic market, coming in third place behind California and Arizona, for both the amount of cumulative photovoltaic capacity installed and the amount installed in 2012. SEIA claims that 5,700 jobs have been created by the solar industry in the state.

Net metering laws and a state solar requirement are the main drivers in photovoltaic growth in New Jersey, cites SEIA in a statement celebrating the 1 GW milestone. The statement continues that installed cost declines are a third contributing factor behind the continuing growth of photovoltaics in the state.

SEIA’s Carrie Hitt said that New Jersey policymakers continue to be at the forefront of solar development. "Although the New Jersey solar market has seen volatility, we are confident that New Jersey will continue to be a leader, both in innovating policy mechanisms to grow the industry and in installing solar to power homes and businesses," said Hitt.

California topped the 2012 installation figures, according to the report, with over 1.03 GW of photovoltaic capacity added to the grid. Arizona came in at second with 710 MW and New Jersey in third place. Nevada, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Hawaii all added over 100 MW of new photovoltaic capacity in 2012.

The U.S. saw 3.13 GW photovoltaic capacity added in 2012, representing growth of 76%, according to the SEIA/GTM Research report. Cumulative capacity now stands at 7.22 GW.

2013 is also shaping up as being a strong year for photovoltaics in the U.S. Figures from the U.S. Energy Regulatory Commission (FREC) reveal that 245 MW was added in January and 179 MW in February. This is an increase on the 176 MW installed in the two months in 2012.