Brazil receives requests for 300 MW of PV


The notices about the received requests were published in Brazil’s state gazette Diário Oficial da União (DOU).

Developer Arigó Solar Energia SPE submitted a request for registration of one photovoltaic project totaling 30 MW, which is to be developed as an independent power producer (IPP) in Pocinhos municipality, in Brazil’s northeast Paraíba state. The announcement was published by ANEEL in DOU on April 3.

Bioenergy Geradora de Energia also applied to register the 29 MW Terra do Sol VII, the 10 MW Terra do Sol VIII and the 10 MW Terra do Sol XV projects. They are expected to be developed as an IPP in Oliveira dos Brejinhos municipality in Bahía state, according to an announcement published in DOU on March 27.

In the same March 27 issue of DOU, ANEEL revealed that solar developer Solyes Geradora de Energia Ltda applied for registration for its 20 MW Sol do Sertão XVI and 13 MW Sol do Sertão XVII photovoltaic projects, slated for construction in Cônego Marinho municipality, in Minas Gerais state.

Last month, ANEEL received a registration request for the 30 MW Lagoa da Itaparica V photovoltaic plant to be installed in Gentio do Ouro municipality, in Bahía state by CER – Companhia de Energias Renováveis.

Also in March, the Brazilian regulator disclosed that Renova Energia applied for registration for its 34.56 MW Caetité IV, 34.56 MW Caetité Vi and 34.56 MW Caetité VII photovoltaic plants, both set to be installed in Bahía’s Caetité municipality.

Finally, ANEEL revealed that Renova Energia also applied to register its 30.24 MW Xique-Xique photovoltaic plant, which is scheduled for construction in Xique-Xique municipality in Bahía state. Central Geradora Solar Fotovoltaica Coremas further submitted an application to install a 22.17 MW photovoltaic plant in Coremas municipality, Paraíba state.