EU: Installers against anti-dumping tariffs


According to the report, European installation companies with Chinese products in their portfolios would change their suppliers to avoid retroactive payments.

Since March, it is obligatory to register imported products from Chinese photovoltaic manufacturers with EU authorities. This rule applies to Chinese crystalline photovoltaic modules, wafers and cells. In June, an EU commission will meet to discuss the possible introduction of protective tariffs.

"The most widely used arguments brought up by installers against protective tariffs are that these measures would endanger their business models, and that a general price increase would be likely to occur," said Thomas Olbrecht, head of sales at EuPD Research. "Many installers also fear that some European products could also be affected by the punitive measures due to their use of Chinese suppliers."

In addition, the poll also revealed that most of the 120 European installers surveyed are not satisfied with the information policy of Chinese manufacturers. They wish they would be more included in the industry’s discussions on punitive tariffs, prices, supply situation and retroactive payments.

Meanwhile, installers who already carry only European products have said they are not planning to change their purchasing habits.