1 MW PV park planned for Argentinian province of San Luis


According to the official news agency of San Luis, ANSL, Governor of the province, Claudio Poggi announced yesterday that the project had been allocated to local companies Coradir S.A. and Obras y Servicios de Ingeniería S.R.L.

Set to be located in Argentina’s public administration area of Terrazas del Portezuelo, the project, which will receive provincial funds, will require an investment of 31.4 million Argentine pesos (around US$6.2 million, €4.6 million). It is expected to be completed within one year.

Last year, the province of San Luis launched a Strategic Energy Plan 2012-2025, which places emphasis on the development of renewable energy, including solar. The photovoltaic park announced yesterday will be built in the frame of this plan.

The only solar installations – a 1 MW and a 5 MW plant – to have been publicly inaugurated to date in Argentina are located in the neighboring province of San Juan.

Edited by Becky Beetz.