Germany: First meeting of the Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance


The first congress of the Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance is underway today, April 29, in Berlin. Over 100 scientists from photovoltaic companies and research institutes will present their research and development efforts to further reduce the cost of solar power and, thus, make it more competitive.

"Hardly any other industry can show similar cost reduction curves in such a short time. Prices for solar power installations have more than halved in the last three years alone," stated Carsten Körnig CEO of Germany’s Solar Industry Association, BSW-Solar.

The meeting is taking place behind closed doors, in order to secure the international innovation lead by German photovoltaic companies, and to strengthen the competitiveness of solar technology "Made in Germany," according to a statement released by the Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance, or Innovationsallianz Photovoltaik.

Great emphasis is expected to be placed on the fact that there is only a short development time from laboratory to market. Therefore, in the individual research groups, the complete production chain is represented. The first final results are expected at the end of the year.

The German Federal Government established the Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance in 2010. The Environment and Research Ministry made €100 million available to various projects.

Overall, the money is benefitting over 20 industry-led projects. The research ranges from the reduction of material costs for photovoltaic systems, to the optimization of production processes and the development of new products.

Translated and edited by Becky Beetz.