China calls for dialogue, consultation to address EU trade dispute


China "firmly opposes trade restrictions" and would "not like to see a trade war", the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) spokesperson Yao Jian said in light of the latest developments in Europe. Moreover, the Asian country hopes the EU will adopt "prudent measures," the government statement added.

In a MOFCOM’s press conference held on Thursday, the Asian country called for dialogue and consultations to solve EU trade disputes on photovoltaic products.

In addition, the MOFCOM spokesperson said that the only way to reach "mutual benefits and win-win achievements in the global PV market" is by working together in "cooperation."

Jian emphasized the fact that both parties are closely connected in the photovoltaic supply chain. China imports "most" of its solar equipment, such as inverters, from the EU, the statement said. At the same time, Chinese exports of photovoltaic products to the EU have increased.

"There are huge cooperation potentials between the two parties," he added. "We should jointly promote the development of the PV industrial chain."