Empower Energies appoints Jigar Shah to Board of Directors


As a visionary committed to renewable energy, Shah currently is also CEO of Jigar Shah Consulting and a partner of Inerjys, a US$1 billion fund that invests in clean energy. Under his role in Empower Energies, Shah is expected to help the company expand its business worldwide.

Last month, Empower Energies installed a ground-mounted solar array and three solar Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in Michigan for General Motors. Despite being small in stature, the projects are considered strong evidence of the company´s ability to scale the technology domestically and abroad.

Half a month after completion of the four projects, Empower Energies has made a quick move towards further global expansion by inviting Jigar Shah to join the board. Len Jornlin, CEO of Empower Energies, remarked, "I am excited to team with him [Jigar Shah] again as we build Empower Energies by serving the needs of our customers and stakeholders.”

Commenting on the future development of the company, Shah is very optimistic and noted that "the Empower Energies team is well suited to deliver the right mix of renewables and energy management for these commercial and industrial companies. For example, Empower Energies is already making a real impact for global companies such as General Motors."