Advancing global smart grids


The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has asserted its dedication to build one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios for smart-grid related intelligence. This includes the development of vision documents and research papers that address problems and challenges.

IEEE-SA (IEEE Standards Association) strategic program manager Bill Ash stated that the institute is trying to build a portfolio of rich resources that range from long-term visions and roadmap documents to research papers that address challenges to aid stakeholders support the global growth of the smart grid market.

Three resources are already available:

  • IEEE Grid Vision 2050: This paper addresses the smart grid power landscape that offers a long-range view of the power landscape as it relates to the smart grid. This includes existing and future technology developments and emerging challenges that must be overcome during the next 40 years.
  • IEEE Smart Grid Vision for Computing: 2030 and Beyond: Addressing the evolution of the smart grid operational concepts and computing technologies. With this document, IEEE aims to spur investments in computing technologies facilitating fulfillment of smart grid visions and improving power system performance, efficiency, speed, reliability, and resilience.
  • IEEE Smart Grid Vision for Communications: 2030 and Beyond: The smart grids for 2030 from a communications perspective. The imperatives of different stakeholders and the hurdles to realizing such a vision are discussed in this paper. Smart grid goals for different constituencies and the evolution of communications to enable key smart grid functionality are also discussed.

Two other papers, "Global Consumer Socialization of Smart Grid", and "Cyber Security for the Smart Grid" will also be available soon.

"IEEE Smart Grid Research will provide research topics and problem statements for where further research and investment are needed for smart grid technology development," said Georges Simard, editor-in-chief, IEEE Grid Vision 2050. "By providing future snapshots of years 2015, 2020, 2030 and beyond, these projects allow us to look past today’s smart grid event horizon and chart a successful course for the smart grid of tomorrow."

Ash added,"With IEEE Smart Grid Research, we are moving into the full lifecycle of standards-related activities by adopting a proactive, forward-looking approach from pre-standard activities to real-world adoption and implementation."