JFE begins construction on 21.7 MW PV plant in Japan


Japan’s JFE Engineering Corp. has won a contract to construct a 21.7 MW PV power plant in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

The project, located in Kushiro City, is one of several large-scale solar plants being financed by Green Energy Investment, a public-private partnership operated by Japanese investment management firm Sparx Group. The facility, budgeted at JPY 8 billion ($81.7 million) will cover some 47 hectares of land in Hokkaido Prefecture.

Construction of the plant began July 31 and is set to begin operation in June 2015. The Hokkaido Electric Co. is expected to purchase the electricity produced by the plant according to Japan’s FIT program, which currently pays JPY 37.80 ($0.38) per kilowatt hour for plants of more than 10 MW.

Sparx’s Green Energy Investment is also bankrolling four other solar power plants around the country, including a 9.8 MW, JPY 3.9 billion ($40 million) project in Ashigara-Kami County, Kanagawa Prefecture, slated for completion in April 2015; a 2.6 MW, JPY 900 million ($9.2 million) facility in Kita-Akita City, Akita Prefecture, scheduled to go into operation in December; a 2.2 MW, JPY 900 billion ($9.2 million) plant in Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture set to go online in January; and a 1.8 MW, JPY 700 million ($7.1 million) installation in Miyaki County, Saga Prefecture, expected to begin operation in October.