Schmid Group builds fully integrated PV production facility for Argentinian utility company EPSE


After an intense round of negotiations, SCHMID Group has announced that it has secured the contract to construct a new fully integrated PV factory for EPSE, the utility company of Argentina’s San Juan province.

The deal is thought to be worth an estimated €100 million and will see Germany’s Schmid Group not only construct the facility but also supply it with advanced production equipment, mainly from its own portfolio. The first stage is the production of monocrystalline silicon ingots, through to module production. A planned second stage will branch out into upstream polysilicon production.

The facility will have an annual production capacity of 70 MW of glass/film modules that will be used to construct PV farms designed to provide energy for the gold and copper mines that are famous in the province, as well as powering much of San Juan’s irrigation system. Currently, the 4,000 meters of mines are powered by diesel generators.

The province of San Juan has been at the forefront of Argentina’s fledgling PV market for a while. It was in San Juan where the first gird-connected PV plants were installed, and thanks to its annual solar radiation of 2,300 kWh per meter squared, more plants are planned, with EPSE in the running to further develop the region’s renewable energy supply.

The construction of this integrated PV production plant is one of the most important projects in the province, and has received the support of Argentina’s President, Cristina Kirchner, as well as the Governor of the Province of San Juan, Jose Luis Gioja.

Schmid Group’s President, Christian Schmid, presented at a ceremony a gift certificate for a latest-generation vanadium redox flow battery to enable EPSE to store the energy of the first produced PV modules for nighttime use.