Germany: Hope for Bosch employees in Thuringia


After the Bosch announcement to withdraw from the crystalline solar PV business, there is now apparently a plan which could save around 1,000 jobs in Arnstadt where the company is situated. The new concept calls for the gradual transformation of the PV plant into an industrial park. This was reported by local newspaper TLZ which cited business circles. The long-term plan is to seek new investors and to shift other Bosch businesses to Thuringia. A final decision is expected in November when the corresponding contracts are to be signed.

Bosch has declined to comment on the plans. However there are constructive talks being held at the moment with investors from the PV and other technological areas. Bosch did confirm that talks are being held with regards to the transition of traditional Bosch businesses to Thuringia. Although Thuringia’s Minister Matthias Machnig did not want to further comment on this, his goal is apparently to retain at least 1,000 jobs at the Bosch solar site. The works council has invited the staff to a meeting on Tuesday according to the media. Machnig and representatives from the corporate headquarters are also expected to attend this meeting.

Translated and edited by Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger