BNEF head may run for mayor of London


BNEF founder, Michael Liebreich, is well known amongst the clean energy community, however he may soon take a tilt at one of the most high profile jobs in U.K. politics. Momentum is building for Liebreich to run to be London’s mayor with some U.K. bookmakers putting him ahead of established party candidates.

Earlier this week Liebreich fanned the flames of speculation that his will try to become the next mayor of London when he taunted Labour candidate Christian Wolmar, via Twitter, writing that bookmakers believe he is a good chance of winning the mayoral election.

"I haven’t even declared but I’m ahead of you in the betting," Liebreich tweeted. The BNEF founder is also ahead of other established politicians believed to be in the running for the gig such as David Lammy and George Galloway, according to London newspaper the Evening Standard.

The newspaper went on to speculate that Liebreich has a financial backer of his tilt at mayor. Liebreich himself was a little coy when asked whether he would stand.

"I will declare if I am persuaded Londoners want me to," Liebreich said.

BNEF itself has grown in prominence over recent years. Firm advocates of renewable energy, Liebreich and BNEF’s global team of analysts argue for the deployment of clean energy, including solar, however have often been critical of subsidy schemes such as Germany’s solar feed in tariff of years past, as causing taxpayers to pay far too much for renewable generating capacity.

Liebreich has also long been a critic of the trade disputes, regarding clean energy and solar, that have arisen in recent times. "A clean energy trade war would certainly put the brakes on China’s headlong drive into the sector," he wrote in 2010. "This might seem very attractive in the West. However, it would be very bad news indeed for the long-term health of the sector.

The next London mayoral election will be held in 2016.