Q CELLS products unaffected by Kyocera case, company announces


Hanwha Q CELLS Japan moved to reassure its customers today that the company’s products, applications and solutions will remain unaffected by the recent lawsuit filed by Japan’s Kyocera.

A statement from the company announced that having thoroughly reviewed the petition filed by Kyocera, Hanwha Q CELLS Japan can unequivocally confirm that products of the Q CELLS brand are not subject the law suit, as filed by Kyocera.

As a result, customer are reassured that its products and service will not be affected or have to face any implications caused by this legal action.

Hanwha Q CELLS also states that the technology concerned in the lawsuit – three-busbar solar cell technology – has been publicly known through research papers dating to the 1990s, a period prior to Kyocera’s patent application. In summation, Hanwha Q CELLS Japan thereby believes that the case is little more than a one-sided action taken by Kyocera.

"Hanwha Q CELLS remains THE reliable partner for high quality PV solutions – in Japan and beyond," said Hanwha Q CELLS CEO Charles Kim. "We regret that Kyocera’s public announcement cause concern for our customers and has brought negative attention to the company.

"I can assure our customers that no Q CELLS product is affected by this case. Hanwha Q CELLS will remain the reliable choice for innovative and high quality PV products and solutions ‘Engineered in Germany’ in Japan and beyond."