Eco Energy World connects 70 MW of PV in UK


U.K.-based clean energy developer Eco Energy World has announced this week that it has bolstered its solar PV portfolio by 70 MW after connecting five large-scales solar farms in quick succession.

The company completed solar plants ranging from 9 MW to 15 MW in size across three counties in southern England – Devon, Essex and Wiltshire. Each of the plants began feeding the U.K. grid over the past few weeks.

Collectively, their clean energy input mitigates the effects of 31,000 tonnes of C02 per annum, and generates enough solar electricity to power 22,000 local households a year.

By the end of 2014, Eco Energy World hopes to have installed 200 MW of solar PV capacity in the U.K. as the developer rushes – like many others – to beat the March 31, 2015 deadline for Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC).

"We are pleased to have connected these five sites to the National Grid on schedule," said Eco Energy World chairman Svante Kumlin. "These developments will make a significant contribution to helping the U.K. meet its renewable energy targets, and also helps us achieve our goal of developing 200 MW of solar PV in the U.K. this year."

Earlier this month, the U.K. surpassed the 5 GW-mark for installed solar PV capacity, placing it sixth internationally and on course to lead Europe in terms of installed capacity in 2014.