JinkoSolar achieves 306.9W with 60-cell module


While high efficiency PV cells often capture headlines with high and increasing conversion efficiencies, JinkoSolar has highlighted the headway that can be made through module-level improvements in its latest announcement. One of JinkoSolar’s 60-cell Eagle+ modules has achieved a power output considerably above 300W.

To achieve the impressive module power result, JinkoSolar has employed a number of innovative materials. DuPont’s Solarmet metallization paste and Tedlar polyvinyl fluoride back sheets have been employed in the Eagle+ modules. Jinko also reports that it has deployed new cell technology that reduces c-Si defects.

On the durability front, Jinko reports that the Eagle+ modules are resistant to potential induced degradation (PID) effects, even at 85C and 85% relative humidity for 1,000 hours.

“Our R&D team continues innovating new technology that has now delivered exciting results,” said JinkoSolar CEO Kangping Chen. “Those innovations significantly improve the power output and reliability of our modules to ensure 25-year stable power generation, and we aim to put them into mass production soon.”