Meyer Burger bullish on Indian prospects


While the market for PV equipment suppliers has been tough in recent years, major manufacturers adding capacity and emerging markets growing in size is giving reason to hope for a significant uptick. Meyer Burger is looking to various markets globally, including India, in which it sees in a particularly bullish light.

In a recent visit to India, Meyer Burger CEO Peter Pauli said that India has the chance to set the country on a new energy pathway and that the new government is heading in that direction. He added that PV fab utilization in India is also up dramatically.

"The ground situation has changed and that you can see from the fab utilization by existing players, a small community. They have seen 30 to 40% utilization in the last few years and now they are up to 70% utilization," Pauli told the Times of India.

"We are very bullish and are really committed to the Indian market. [We want to] enable the Indian market to produce own PV modules," said Pauli.

Responding to pv magazine inquiries, Meyer Burger confirmed that the Swiss company is currently in project discussions with regards to supplying manufacturing operations in India. “Within the Indian market there is indeed an opportunity for manufacturers to fill the process gaps which currently exist in India along the entire PV value chain,” Meyer Burger told pv magazine.