Trina announces 324.5Wp multi-crystalline PERC module


Module and cell level improvements continue to deliver impressive results power and efficiency results, with the latest claimed by Trina in the form of a 324.5Wp 60-cell Honey Plus multi-crystalline module. The module employs back surface passivation (PERC) and local back surface field technology, on 156×156mm2 Trina multi-crystalline cells.

The news confirms that PERC rollout is becoming increasingly common amongst manufacturers, both on mono and multi-crystalline technologies. Trina claims it has achieved world records for p-type PERC cells and modules in 2014, with conversion efficiencies of 21.4% for mono and 20.76% for multi applications. On a module level, Trina claims 335.2Wp power output for a mono-crystalline module, with the 324.5Wp announced today for a multi-crystalline module.

TÜV Rhineland has verified today’s multi module result. Fraunhofer ISE CalLAb verified the cell conversion efficiency results.

"We are proud to have set several new world records for PV cells and modules on large-area substrates in 2014 which have delivered improvements to the efficiency, reliability and cost of crystalline silicon photovoltaic devices,” said lab director and Trina VP Zhiqiang Feng. “Such R&D breakthroughs continue to demonstrate Trina Solar’s position as the leader in technological innovations in the solar industry and sets base for future mass production of high efficiency products."