India blacklists two domestic solar companies


The solar firms HBL Power Systems and Veddis Solar have been placed on a blacklist by India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, according to a statement on the department’s website.

The document, which was released today, states that the reason HBL Power Systems has been placed on the blacklist was, "Company came as L1 in the tenders. However the projects were not executed."

With Veddis Solar, the MNRE said that it had been placed on the blacklist because, "[The] company has not executed to the placed work orders."

The information used for the blacklist came from the State Nodal Agencies. There is, however, some confusion, as the latter company is named as "Veddis Solar," whereas its official name is "Veddis Solars."

Turan Singh, CEO of Veddis Solars, said that the blacklisting stemmed from a project in Uttar Pradesh, where his company had been one of three which had been awarded the tender by the government. He alleges that vested interests served the two other companies, which he named as Jaiswal Batteries and Easy Photovoltaic. “There were three parties that were given this order,” said Singh, "and two were given the extension."

He added, "We were put on the blacklist. There was a bit of a delay where they could have penalized us. Instead, they chose to blacklist us. That’s fine. We believe in the judiciary and we have gone to the court. We’ll see what they have to say."

However, little could be gleaned from the two companies named by Singh. A Jaiswal Battery Service exists in Uttar Pradesh but could not be reached for comment. A company by the name of Easy Photovoltech also exists in Uttar Pradesh. However, the latter hung up when asked about the development in Uttar Pradesh with Veddis Solar.

Calls and emails to Dr. G. Prasad, under whose name the blacklist was created, were not returned. HBL Power Systems had not commented by the time of publication.