SMA founder Günther Cramer, 62, dies


Günther Cramer, SMA Solar Technology AG’s founder and longstanding CEO of the inverter company, has died aged 62 after battling a long and difficult illness.

The company released a press statement this morning paying homage to Cramer’s work and positive influence on the clean energy landscape.

Current SMA CEO Pierre-Pascal Urbon spoke of Cramer’s "courage, passion and commitment to energy transition", while cdw Stiftungsverbund managing director Volker Wasgindt called Cramer an "exceptional person" who would "always have a lasting place in our hearts".

Günther Cramer was an early pioneer in the world of decentralized, renewable energy and foresaw great potential in the sector long before many of his peers. Alongside his trusted partners Peter Drews and Reiner Wettlaufer, Cramer transformed SMA from a small engineering firm to a globally-admired technology leader.

Cramer’s work has been pivotal in setting the world on the path towards a 100% decentralized and renewable energy supply. His efforts were recognized by a number of leading institutions, earning him the German Environmental Award and the fulsome respect of his peers.

Even after leaving the SMA managing board, Cramer continued to pour his passion into renewable energy initiatives, founding the Günther Cramer Foundation – which is part of the cdw Stiftungsverbund GmbH foundation network – and working on the electrification of remote regions worldwide with the aid of renewable energies.

More widely, Cramer’s work helped set in motion the transition of energy architectures from centralized, large-scale and conventional power plants to more adaptable, decentralized and clean renewable power generation units. Cramer’s motto: "Let’s be realists and attempt the impossible", continues to shape the vision and perseverence of all SMA and cdw Stiftungsverbund offices.

"In Günther Cramer, we have lost an extraordinary person whom we will never forget," said SMA’s Urbon. "As the company founder, CEO and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, he shaped the history of SMA and its employees throughout his entire life. His courage, passion and commitment to the energy transition will always continue to serve as a model and an inspiration to us."