DNV GL to provide grid storage testing to ARPA-E


In the rapidly emerging electricity storage testing market many new technologies are being developed and are at various stages of commercialization. ARPA-E is funding a range of these technologies to facilitate their roll out as a key part of grid modernization, to facilitate higher levels of renewable penetration.

To evaluate these technologies, APRA-E has tapped DNV GL’s expertise and testing facilities to provide, “transparent evaluation of existing APRA-E grid-storage technologies.” The assessment program will be called: Cycling Hardware to Analyze and Ready Grid-Scale Electricity Storage (CHARGES). DNV GL will be providing the CHARGES program in partnership with NY-BEST, Group NIRE and CAR Technologies.

The CHARGES program will be carried out in laboratory and field-testing facilities, including on a micro-grid system in which wind turbines are integrated.

DNV GL will apply its Microgrid Optimizer (MGO) tool to model storage performance.

“Through this project, ARPA-E is changing what’s possible in grid-storage and working to make the secure, reliable grid of the future a reality,” said DNV GL’s project manager Davion Hill.

DNV GL says that the CHARGES program will provide the objective testing regime required to drive grid-storage technologies forward.