Hanergy unveils thin-film mobile energy vision


China’s Hanergy – an aspirant thin-film solar company with many irons in many fires – has revealed details of an ambitious new competition designed to usher in a "mobile energy era" based around its thin-film solar technology.

The company has launched a dedicated website and campaign with the intention of inspiring researchers, scientists and the general public to devise ways to creatively use solar technology in their everyday lives.

Partners in the campaign include the China Association for Science and Technology, the China Industrial Design Association, the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, as well as a handful of international partners, including the Australia Clean Energy Council (CEC) and the HOPE open innovation platform.

According to Hanergy chairman Li Hejun, solar power has the potential to deliver disruptive change to not only traditional energy structures and energy utilization patterns, but also the way in which mankind can directly harness the sun’s energy to improve their lifestyles in a number of ways.

In a keynote speech at the launch ceremony of the mobile energy strategy, Hejun spoke of how mobile energy "aligns with the idea of humans harnessing the sun’s energy in much the same way green plants use chlorophyll".

More tangibly, this means that thin-film solar technology can be deployed in a variety of fields, including distributed power generation, mobile 3C products, wearable devices, fully solar-powered automobiles, solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites.

The competition

Hanergy’s thin-film solar product innovation competition invites product developers, R&D institutions, designers, engineers, teachers and students from design colleges to work with thin-film technology to create solar-powered solutions in the fields of transportation, architecture, electronics, home-use and solar-powered automobiles.

Winners of the highest honor – the Hanergy Dream Award – will receive a top prize of 1 million RMB ($160,000), with the company also doling out Gold, Silver, Best Creativity and Best Charity awards.