Singulus books 'high performance' cell tool order


Singulus has continued its strong start to 2015 with a further crystalline silicon cell production order. While few details have been provided, pv magazine understands that the equipment is not for PERC upgrades. Singulus has been showcasing its SILEX wet chemical process equipment of late, for HJT and other high efficiency PV cell production and this latest order may be for SILEX processing.

The order is for a PV manufacturer outside of Asia. Singulus booked a CIGS equipment order in February for an Asian manufacturer, presumably from Hanergy Thin Film as it expands its Solibro production in China.

The latest Singulus order comes as the German company’s CEO Stefan Rinck is appointed as the Conference General Chair of the 31st EU PVSEC conference, to be held in September in Hamburg, Germany. The conference’s 200-strong International Scientific Advisory Committee elected Dr Rinck to the role.

In announcing his appointment, Rinck took the opportunity to call for Europe to leverage its place as a center for cutting-edge solar R&D.

"In Europe the good news is that we’ve now already passed the 88 GW the [EU] member states originally committed to do by 2020,” said Rinck. “So the question is how much more can we bring into the system, looking not just at 2020 but beyond to 2030. R&D has a big role to play in this and we expect many presentations during the EU PVSEC 2015 addressing the science and technology developments needed to further increase the competiveness."

This year’s EU PVSEC will take place on 15 – 17 September.