JinkoSolar strikes 80 MW DG module supply deal in China


JinkoSolar, a leading Chinese manufacturer of solar PV modules, has signed a supply agreement with Southern Power Grid Synthesis Energy (CSE) in China for the deployment of 80 MW of modules across distributed rooftop projects in two Chinese provinces.

The terms of the agreement will see JinkoSolar ship its PV modules to DG projects in Guangdong and Hainan provinces. These projects are being developed by CSE, which is a subsidiary of one of China’s largest state-owned electric utility companies, China Southern Power Grid (CSG), which has invested heavily in recent years in domestic clean power generation projects, including solar.

"We are delighted to work with CSE, a company that recognizes JinkoSolar for its product quality and market reputation," said JinkoSolar chairman Xiande Li. "We are optimistic about the development of distributed solar projects in China, with the strong support from the National Energy Administration (NEA)."

The NEA has publicly stated its intention to help assist China’s DG solar industry, which underperformed in 2014, missing its 8 GW installation target by more than 5 GW. The overall solar PV installation target for China in 2015 has been revised upwards to 17.8 GW, but the NEA has wisely decided not to state just how much of that overall figure should be earmarked for DG.

Unsubstantiated reports, however, suggest that the DG installation target is likely to be around 8 GW this year.