Analysis: France’s island solar+storage program presents EUR100 million opportunity


France’s PV market is complex at best, but its latest program, launched in May of this year, looks likely to see a serious volume of storage be developed on the country’s islands and island territories. THEnergy reports that while the solar+storage tender is “very demanding” that a significant market opportunity exits.

The tender calls for projects in which a minimum of 500kWh of storage is added for every 1 MW of solar PV. Successful solar+storage projects under the tender must ensure that grid feed in matches demand loads and in “extreme cases” carry out peak shaving during periods of high electricity demand.

“The tender contains special requirements for the forecast of time slots that are critical for the grid,” explains THEnergy founder Thomas Hillg. “Innovative factors are required of successful projects, they must comply with certain rules including forecasting requirements, and services such as helping to shave peak electricity demand.”

France’s Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy is administrating the tender. It applies to projects on French islands such as Corsica and overseas departments and territories, sometimes referred to at DOM-TOM.

THEnergy is offering its consultancy services, in the form of project modeling and simulations, in partnership with France’s Clean Horizon Consulting for prospective project developers. THEnergy was founded by Hillig to investigate, advocate for and consult on the application of solar in mining applications. The consultancy has additionally turned its attention to island deployment of solar+storage.