Good news for rooftops and EVs in California


In a further indication distributed generation is – literally – charging ahead in U.S. solar, California was the focus of good news for owners of solar rooftop systems and electric vehicles (EV) yesterday (Thursday).

EV infrastructure manufacturer Envision Solar’s EV ARC charging points are set to become a familiar feature across California after the San Diego-based company landed a contract to supply state department and local government buildings.

The charging points, which Envision says are manufactured in San Diego and supply 150 miles of EV driving per day, will be installed statewide under the deal, which runs until June 11 next year and has two further one-year options, according to a report on news agency Marketwired yesterday.

The move is in line with state governor Jerry Brown‘s aim of reducing automotive carbon emissions by half their current levels within 15 years and applies to a state which boasts 40% of the U.S.’ EVs.

And there was a fillip for householders with rooftop systems too, after rules were drafted permitting such distributed generation (DG) resources to be bundled by utilities and other third parties to meet the minimum 500 kW capacity for sale on the wholesale energy market.

California’s Independent System Operator Corp. (ISO) announced the move on its website yesterday with supporting tariff guidelines to be sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for approval later in the year.