Meyer Burger confident to meet PERC demand


pv magazine yesterday reported on a PERC equipment supply bottleneck currently occuring in China and Taiwan. These delays are in turn extending out delivery times to more than half a year, if reports are to be believed.

This has since been confirmed to pv magazine by Taiwanese cell manufacturers Motech. The company stated that the new PERC equipment delivery delay to its premises is expected to take between six-to-eight months.

Meyer Burger responded to this report by stating that in March this year the company surpassed its budgeted production capacity for all of 2015 for the MAiA technology platform in its Hohenstein-Ernstthal location. And to accommodate this booming demand, the company has had to increase its production capacities, it revealed to pv magazine.

Meyer Burger added that it coordinates all equipment and technology orders very closely with each of its customers and clearly manages delivery expectations and timelines. However, the six-to-eight month delivery time quoted by Motech cannot be confirmed without further details of the customer request, Meyer Burger states. Nevertheless, the PERC equipment maker is confident that from January 2016 onwards, all equipment delivery requirements can be met.

Martin Green of the University of New South Wales drafted the first PERC diagram more than 30 years ago and things have started picking up finally for this promising technology.